Vicious Book Review

by VE Schwab

First, this is not a YA or NA book. This is an adult urban fantasy book that takes on some pretty intense scenes. I debated whether to review this book because of its adult content but I decided I would do it so you would know what to expect.

The story is about Eli and Victor, two college roommates, who, through some pretty drastic actions, develop super powers. Now saying that may sound like this is a super hero book that anyone can read but these two characters grow to resent and hate each other. Eli and Victor take two very different paths and each is leading to a violent confrontation. 

I think the thing I struggled most with was trying to decide if there really was a “good” guy. Honestly I think it was a matter of deciding who was less evil. Typically these types of characters don’t appeal to me at all but VE Schwab crafted the story so well I had to keep reading to learn what the final outcome was going to be. 

I will say that I loved the supporting cast of characters. Some I grew to love and worry for and others I flat out hated and wanted to see them punished. This level of feeling had me turning the page or even putting the book aside so I could catch my breath. It is a very intense story. It is also a pretty violent story: not an “R” rating but definitely PG-13 for sure. 

Half way through this book I thought there was no way I would read the next book but I found myself at the library borrowing Vengeful. I need to know where we go from here.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I’ve read some reviews that disparage this book but I think it is well written and has a compelling story. There is some violence against children and dogs which I don’t care for so I give it a 4 out of 5. 

Until next week my friends!


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