O.W.L.S. – Getting Started

Well today I begin the O.W.L.S. Read-A-Thon. I’m starting with the Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while. I’ve read some reviews and they are really mixed but I also read mixed reviews of The Darker Shades of Magic and I loved that book so I’m going to approach this one with a positive outlook.

So here’s the plan. This entry is the first one for the week and is more introductory. I’ll post more of my reading progress next week. A little change. Instead of rereading the Harry Potter book I’m going to read “Windwitch” by Susan Dennard. I’ve been wanting to read the second book in the series and the audiobook just became available from the library. 

I did start “The Cruel Prince” this morning and at the time of this writing I’m at page 34. I’ve only been reading for a short time but so far it is holding my interest enough that I want to see how this story is going to progress. So, I have the fireplace app on my cable box turned on, Libby is snoozing on the couch (she snores) and I’ve settled in to this story. Onward!

A Little Review

Over the past week I listened to Tempest and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce and it was really good. It’s the story of Arram Draper a 11 year mage who is attending the Imperial University of Carthak, which is a magic school. He meets Varice and Orzorne who become his best friends. 

The book is a series of events that take place over the school sessions. One such is when Arram is called upon to accompany a Master, who is a healer, to assist him in administering to those afflicted by a plague. Many such events help to shape him as a mage and as a person. 

Arram’s character development is slow but real and we watch as he struggles through some pretty horrific circumstances. The author doesn’t hold back. Also the world building is genuine and it isn’t always a good place to live given there are gladiators who are slaves and are forced to fight in the arena. The magic system is unique in that each mage or witch draws on a power that lives within them. Arram’s struggle to control his magic is central to the story.

This book does have a lot of violence and some graphic scenes and even though the main character is so young it doesn’t hold back. Arram struggles with his own views on slavery and places his hope in Orzorne who is heir to the Emporer’s throne. The relationship between the two friends is something that is real and touching even with their differing opinions. 

I loved this book. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator, Adriane Meyers, is wonderful. She brings life to all the characters and you always know who is speaking. If you get the opportunity listen to the audiobook I can say you will enjoy the performance. I give this book a 5 out of 5.

Next week look for my review and progress on The Cruel Prince. Please stay safe and I pray you all remain healthy. Until next week my friends.


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