The O.W.L.S. And A Reading Slump

April 2, 2020

Well, this can’t be good is what I said to myself the second day of the read-a-thon. I started reading “The Cruel Prince” and it is ok but not great. It’s very dark and the state the world is in right now the book just isn’t appealing. Honestly it is the cruelty (which is in the title) to two children who are the main focus that turns me off. I think I’ve said it before, I don’t like this type of violence. The book has to be something truly spectacular to get me to read the book in spite of the violence. Now I need another book with a white cover to replace The Cruel Prince.

April 5, 2020

I started listening to “The Fifth Season” by N K Jemisin. It sort of has a heart shape on the cover so it is a replacement for the other book I was going to read. It’s pretty good so far. It’s different than I thought it was going to be. The world building is wonderful and the characters are interesting enough that I want to know what happens next. I should be able to finish it this week. I hope.

April 7, 2020

I think the social distancing is starting to take it’s toll. I’m bored and unable to read anything. I do continue to listen to “The Fifth Season” which is pretty good. At first I didn’t know if I was going to like the book but as time has gone on I’ve started to care about the main characters. I think the author is setting up a different type of world. The continent, known as the Stillness, is in the middle of a time where the land is unstable. The characters are being put into place to deal with bigger issue with the land. 

April 8, 2020

I am 50% of the way through “The Fifth Season” and it is still holding my interest. I find myself wanting to listen to the story to see where this is all going to go from where I am right now. I’ve also changed my book with a white cover to “Rage of Dragons” by Evan Winter which is a book that’s been on hold on the Libby app for about a month.  So that is what I’m starting this upcoming week. I’m hoping it helps get past my reading slump. 

I’m still planning on a reread of “The Sorcerer’s Stone” as my witches/wizards book so I’m looking forward to that. 

That’s the update for the past week. I hope you’re all doing well in this challenging time. I am struggling a little bit but having my dog, Libby, with me does help a lot. We take a long walk each morning, which gets me out of the condo and into the fresh air. This is a good thing. I will freely admit this week has me a little worried as things are supposed to peak. I have to go get my weekly meat so I’m planning to go early hoping there won’t be as many people. That is just a little slice of my life. So, until next week my friends.


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