O.W.L.S. Week 4: And We Come To The End

I finished this read-a-thon with a whole new appreciation for some great authors that I thought I wouldn’t like and some that I knew I would love. 

The end of the read-a-thon came down to WHITE HOT KISS getting finished so I could claim a success. I had 5 days left and then received a notification from the library that my book was due in just 2 days and I had 100 pages to finish. I put everything aside and sat down to finish the book. This meant no Animal Crossing which was really hard to do because I love the game. I was also binging NUMB3RS on Hulu and stopped watching it so I could read. Everything was put on hold. I usually don’t like to read under those circumstances but I had committed to finishing the read-a-thon. 

On Sunday I sat down with my Kindle Fire and focused. I only had a day before it was time to return it to the library. I did, in fact, finish and I’m so glad I did. It was a great story with some solid characters with complicated relationships. Layla is half demon and half warden and must constantly fight against her demon side so that the Wardens, who adopted her when she was a child, do not send her to hell. Layla has two guys she’s interested in. Zayne, who is a Warden and the boy she grew up with, and Roth, the demon who tempts her with his sensuality. What makes this romance interesting is Layla has the ability to suck the soul out of people so she can’t kiss anyone. This makes for some interesting angst between her and Zayne. She comes up against a truth that changes her life forever and sets the course for a story that is intense and thrilling at the end. There were some things I guessed right about but there was another I didn’t see coming. I really enjoyed this book and plan on reading the other three books in the series. 

So, the read-a-thon is complete and I’m so proud of myself. I started out with a reading slump and finished on a strong note. I don’t think I’ll do another challenge for a while. I would like to read for pleasure and not because I’m taking place in a challenge. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the read-a-thon, I did, it’s just I didn’t enjoy the pressure I put on myself. 

I am very excited about another book I started. THE OBELISK GATE by N.K. Jemisin became available via the Libby app. This is the second book in The Broken Earth series and I’m a little over three hours into the audio book and am so happy that I actually understand what is going on. It has just two main characters, Essun, from the first book, who was the main focus of the story and her daughter, Nassun, who has been taken by her father. The story is not only about a world coming apart but of how they both struggle through The Fifth Season to survive and find each other. I was really happy when the book became available. I did have to put aside BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE to focus on the library book. BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE is an Audible book I own so I can take my time.

I also borrowed the next book in the The Dark Elements series, STONE COLD TOUCH, which should be good. I just need to know what happens next to Layla.

The stay at home order in my state has been extended until May 15th so I plan on getting some reading done and playing Animal Crossing, which I am loving so far. So much to do! Libby was very patient this morning while I was reading. She slept on the couch and every once in a while she would check in just to say Hi. I’ve been cooking a lot and for the first time in a long time enjoying it. Just a little bit about the life of a blogger.

So, until next week my friends stay healthy and stay safe. 


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