What I’ve Been Reading This Week

I thought I would write about what I’ve been reading over the past week and share my thoughts on each book. It’s been a good week of reading and I’m ahead of my Goodreads challenge for the year. I might have to increase the number of books I’ll read this year.

So, let’s get started.

BOUND by Benedict Jacka

This is the eighth book in the Alex Verus series and it was really good. Alex and Anne are now in service to Mordan and Alex is the liaison between the light council and the dark mages. Alex is acting as the second for Mordan who holds a seat on the white council as a representative of the dark mages. Alex only does this because Mordan threatens to kill everyone Alex knows. Alex is given no direction on what he is expected to do and finds himself in conflict with the other mages who are also seconds for light council mages. I think it’s safe to say that this is my favorite in the series. The characters have all matured and the relationships are solidified. Mr. Jacka not only hit the ball, he knocked it out of the park. I think the only thing I didn’t like about this book is the fact that one of the characters has something happen to them that has happened in other books. I sort of felt like this is a well that has run dry. What did I like? It kept me on the edge of my seat and I felt truly invested in the outcome. I loved that things resolved but not in the way I expected. I have one more book to read and I’ll be caught up and have to wait for the next book. I give this book a big 5 out of 5.


This is an adult romance novel that takes place in England during the 1800’s. In the book the main character, Annabelle, has been offered a scholarship by the Women’s Suffragette movement to attend Oxford University. Sebastian is the Duke of Montgomery who is cold and cynical. He is trying to get his family castle back after his father lost it in a bet. I know….tropes….but they work and Ms. Dunmore brings a fresh feeling to the story. I would have liked to see Annabelle a tad bit less wishy washy in her decisions about Sebastian. After a while it just got irritating. As for Sebastian his character growth was endearing and a little difficult to read about. As you can probably figure out I didn’t really care for this book. I decided to read it based on a recommendation from someone who was new to the romance genre. That should have been a warning clue because I’ve read my fair share of romance novels and this one doesn’t really stand out. So in my honest opinion if you want to try reading romance I can recommend other authors that would be a good start. I give this book a two out of five.

SHOREFALL by Robert Jackson Bennett

This is not a review. Not yet. I decided that I would get the audiobook by spending one of my credits on Audible. So, now I’m listening to the book and reading the physical copy. I can listen while I’m walking Libby, making dinner, doing dishes or taking a shower. More reading time! So far I’m pretty happy with the book. I’ll be writing a full review on the book for next week’s blog.

So, that’s what I’ve been reading over the last week. I read something really good and then something I just really didn’t like. That’s the way it goes sometimes. I’m still pretty excited because I know Shorefall is good. 

In my state the governor has eased the restrictions on veterinary hospitals. My vet has a groomer and Libby is on the waiting list. She needs to be groomed so badly. I’ve trimmed her face twice so far and she still looks like a wild child. Our Stay Safe, Stay at Home has been extended to June 12th. I also need to get groomed! I need a color and a cut so badly that I’ve taken to wearing a hat out in public. I just remind myself that others are struggling with the same thing and quarantine hair isn’t just happening to me. 

That’s been my week and all in all it’s been pretty good. So until next week my friends, stay safe and stay healthy. 


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