So Much Going On!

First I want to apologize for being late with this post. There is so much going on. Some of it is of my own making and some is a result of reentering life as it is today. 

I have been listening to audiobooks but I can’t seem to settle into one that lights that fire. This comes from reading two really good books back to back and having a reading hangover. That happens when you have trouble finding a book after you’ve been in a world you loved to inhabit and searching for another place where you feel that again.

What have I listened to so far? First MARKED by Benedict Jacka. This is the book that will bring me current with the series. It is a good book but I don’t want to be in that world right now. Second, THE CRUEL PRINCE by Holly Black.  I tried to read the physical copy of the book a couple months ago and had a hard time with the violence involving children. I thought that since some time had gone by that perhaps I could listen to the book and get through it. Nope. Still can’t stomach children being treated with some much cruelty. I returned that book to the library. Finally, I am listening to THE HUNDRED THOUSAND KINGDOMS by N.K. Jemisin. I’m about 3 hours in and so far I do like it and I will keep with it mostly because I’m beginning to like this world. I hesitate to commit to a review of any of these books because I don’t know which one will be THE ONE. 

Another impediment to reading is a couple games I’ve been playing. The Sims 4 on the Playstation 4 is pretty cool. My one complaint, and this is with all games on the PS4, is the text is so small that if I’m not sitting right in front of the TV I can’t read it and that takes away my enjoyment. The other game that just released is Summer on Mara. This is an Indy game that has been released by Nintendo for the Switch. It is really fun and very addicting. I am a gamer so sometimes it is hard to break away to read. It is very hard to have two hobbies that you love equally.

So, this is me struggling to focus. Struggling to find that one book that will ignite my passion and finding the willpower to put aside my games so I can read. I need to make some changes. 

I’m so glad that I was able to write this post on my blog. I thought about skipping it this week but deep down inside I really couldn’t because I enjoy it so much and because I care about you and didn’t want to let you down.

Good news…I got my hair colored and cut yesterday afternoon! I cannot express how good it feels to look in the mirror and see my hair. I was feeling really raggedy. Libby is scheduled for her grooming appointment next Wednesday and she really needs it. She is a yorkie poodle mix and so her hair gets long and wavy. It is also very thick around her scruff and even though I brush her she can look scraggly within a minute. One good shake and all that brushing is gone. She’s also very warm with all that hair and we’ve been having very warm weather. I am so grateful she’s going in next week.

That is the week in a nutshell. Not very productive unless you count getting a five star rating on my island in Animal Crossing New Horizon. I will hopefully have a blog post next week in which I review a book. That would be nice! 

So, until next week my friends I hope your reintegration into the world is going well and that you’re having positive experiences. Thanks so much for reading my blog and I will have more next week.


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