Ming Tea Murder by Laura Childs

I recently finished Ming Tea Murder by Laura Childs. I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery. Let me tell you a little about it without spoilers.

The main character is Theodosia Browning, a small business owner who runs The Indigo Tea Shop, and is an amateur sleuth. The tea shop is atmospheric, comforting, and aromatic. Along with Theodosia are Haley, the magnificent baker extraordinaire, and Drayton, tea master and straight-laced ludite.

As the story opens, Theodosia, along with her boyfriend, Max, are attending a gala at the museum, where a new Chinese tea house has been installed. The guest list is the creme-de-la-creme of Charleston society. Of course a murder takes place, and Theodosia finds the body inside a photo booth. The story continues on from there, and is both fast paced and enthralling.

Laura Childs’ writing is beautiful. She can paint a picture with her words, and create a world you don’t want to ever leave. She brings Charleston to life with characters that are fun, quirky, and lovable. When I was reading this book I had already read the previous fifteen books in the series. To say I’m in love with the series is putting it mildly. I adore these books, and I love all the characters—even the bad guys are interesting.

I thought I had figured out who committed the murder, but I was wrong. I had some suspicions about the culprit but my mind had gone down a rabbit hole, which is a sign of a good murder mystery. I will say, the ending is exciting, and doesn’t disappoint. That’s all I’ll say because this is a book you should read. I recommend reading the first fifteen books first so you get to know the recurring characters and their storylines. I know that may seem daunting but honestly they are so good you will fly through them.

What didn’t I like? Nothing. I loved every moment I spent with Theodosia, Haley, and Drayton. I think if I nitpicked, I would say the book was short. I only say that because I read through it so quickly that I felt it didn’t last long enough. I just didn’t want to leave that world.

I highly recommend this book—and all the books. If I had to pick a favorite so far it would be the first book, oddly enough. Death by Darjeeling introduces you to the cast, the world, and Earl Grey, Theodosia’s rescue dog, turned therapy dog. He is a character all on his own.

In the end I give Ming Tea Murder five out of five stars. I’m ready for the next book, but because there are only a few more left I want to make them last.

I hope you’ll give The Tea Shop Mysteries Series a try. Trust me, time well spent. In the meantime, curl up with a favorite book, maybe do a re-read, and keep warm. Unless you’re in a warm climate, then stay cool. I’ll be back in two weeks with another post. Until then take good care my friends.


P.S. Libby is doing well. We had some snow yesterday—about an inch—and she was in heaven. We went for a short walk, and she was running the whole way. Pretty good for a fourteen year-old dog. When we returned, she gobbled down her food, had a sip of water, and snuggled into the bed for a long nap. Life is great when you’re a dog!

Image by Jasmin777 from Pixabay

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